Five bands so an early start. And as always, I arrived a couple of hours before doors opened so quite a long evening. A fantastic one, tho.


VOODUS, great as always (love the new single and the upcoming album “Emanating Sparks” is planned for release in early 2024). Guest vocalist Simon W. from VALKYRJA.


MALAKHIM being the only band I never saw before so didn´t know what to expect. Had heard good things from my friends, tho, and the Umeå bunch delivered big time! Hopefully I´ll get to see them again some day.


Only seen MORTUUS once for many years ago and got such high hopes. Still one of the greats to see live (Vlad from VALKYRJA on bass). Latest album “Diablerie” was released in -22. » MORTUUS Setlist


MEPHORASH performance was the best I´ve seen so far with the guys. They played the whole new album (with live choir) from first to last song.
From the event page: “In celebration of Mephorash’s long-awaited fifth release KRYSTL-AH, the band invites you to join a very special ceremony. The band will perform its new opus to usher in a new era of Mephorash with new aesthetic and new rituals. Each song on the upcoming album is recorded with a full choir, and the same choir will perform the album live at Slaktkyrkan on November 18th.” Sadly no picures of the choir but they deserve a special mention because they truly heightened the experience.


TAAKE awesome as always! Guest appearance by Pehr and Niklas from ALFAHANNE. One of the bands I could never get tired of seeing live.
Overall a super event. So far no luck finding live clips of all the bands but Eriks klipp uploaded at least a couple.


Huge thanks to all the bands and Adde / Luciferian Society for this one!:))
Luciferian Society

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Alltid ett stort nöje att se VOODUS!:)
Sjunde gången sen 2019 och dom har hållit nivån varje gång. Lineupen har nog varit densamma varje gång tror jag iaf?
Bandet: E. Kjönsberg Guitars T. Fongelius Guitars, Vocals Desekrator Bass Marcus Fors Drums
[Edit March 9 2024: Added a good quality live video by MusicLive]

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“Although a seemingly new name, VOODUS’ history stretches back to 2004 when the band was known as Jormundgand. Under this banner, the band first released a few demos and then an album for the well-respected Christhunt label in 2014. Sensing the need for a fresh outlook, they changed their moniker to VOODUS and began sharpening their knives” – Regain Records (Shadow Records)

Sjätte gången jag sett VOODUS. Dom äger fortfarande och ett av dom bättre banden man kan se live!

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VOODUS! Känns som evigheter sen jag såg detta eminenta band men nu äntligen blev det av. Skulle ha blivit förvånad om dom hade varit nått annat än skitbra. Bra början på denna “minifestival” med 5 band.
Mycket folk redan från början och en hel del folk som kom direkt från Close-Up båten.
Lineup: T. Fongelius E. Kjönsberg  Desekrator Marcus Fors
[Liveklipp av David S. Grop]

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“Juvenile as it might sound, it’s fucking important to me that only tough-guys perform the metal of Satan’s glory.”
T. Fongelius for Bardo Methodology Nov. 2018

BAND: T.Fongelius – Guitar + vocals M.Fors- Drums E.Kjörnsberg – Guitar Desekrator – Bass

“This is for real. Music really has the power to change people’s lives and how they choose to live it, and if that isn’t magic then I honestly couldn’t tell you what is.”Tobias Fongelius of VOODUS in an interview for Bardo Methodology

Great band and last on stage at the Slaughter Pre-party.
Band Members: T.Fongelius – Guitar + vocals I.Carlsson – Drums E.Kjörnsberg – Guitar F.Sundgren – Bass

Stockholm Slaughter
Death Disco Productions
District 19

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