Pagan Black Metal from Finland since 1998. This was their first live performance!

Originally a three man project consisting of Anssi “Vrasjarn” Mäkinen and his brother; BAPTISM guitarist and vocalist Ossi “Lord Sargofagian” Mäkinen, and guitarist Toni Pö
In Norse mythology, Ymir is a primordial, evil giant and the first to come into existence in the nine realms of all living things.

“I have always felt the most valuable things about Black Metal as artform or music relate to realistic and sometimes controversial ways of thinking, making it a reflection of life itself. Paganism, modern tribalism, stoicism, all were ideologically remained pieces of mental and physical warrior cultures, starting from the pre-roman days and much further. The original purpose to me, at least here in Scandinavia was take a step aside from certain cultural patterns offered by society, religion being main opposer.”Interview from 2022

Really good even for a first time listener! Again one of the rare live bands to play at the festival. First live for YMIR since the start in -98. The drummer VnoM Markkanen kept busy this weekend playing in at least 3 bands:)
[Live clips by sarvi & Infinite Chaos Promotions]

Collected notes & links:
– Current label: Werewolf Records
– Latest album: Aeons of Sorrow Full-length 2022
– Band: Vrasjarn Syphon VnoM Agathul Corvus
– Review “Ymir” by RAUTA (YouTube)
– Review “Aeons of Sorrow” by RAUTA (YouTube)

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