Haven´t seen Carnal Forge since…wait, have to check…2006 in Köping. They changed the vocalist for some time ago and Peter Tuthill does great as the frontman. The band seemed to have lots of fun on the stage. And off the stage. All over the place, really, because Tuthill obviously needed more space than the stage could provide;) Lots of crazy stuff…But now I know what all the buzz is about…


I like Construcdead and was a bit sad they cancelled, but I got to see Interment for the first time ever instead. Didn´t know so much about the band, but the fact that both Martin and Johan from Demonical were in it, was enough to have some high hopes. First time I also witnessed Johan doing the lead vocals:) He did fine and I really enjoyed the gig!!!;)
Line up: Johan Jansson – Guitar/Vocals (S.G.R., Demonical, Regurgitate, Uncurbed, Centinex, Dellamorte, Moondark, Beyond) / John Forsberg – Guitar (Beyond) / Martin Schulman – Bass (Demonical, Centinex), Kennet Englund – Drums (Centinex, Moondark, Uncanny, Dellamorte)


I´ve been at The Cave quite often lately…last time I went there too late and missed the first band. Now I got there too early instead and got almost too much time in my hands. So I had some coffee and went social with those who were there that early…like the staff and misc. bandmembers. Dark times on the stage as usual. Still, I find the lights quite pretty. First band out was Scaar.


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