My third NIFELHEIM gig for this year at BLOD & SVÄRD 4 year party.

One of the very best bands we got and I love them dearly!!:) Just about everybody were there!! The venue was packed and I had a great time just watching the crowd go crazy.

The brave Ester squeezed herself into the front line, but I found myself a nice bench by the wall to stand on. And I stayed there:)
Great spot to take pics of the crowd!! Didn´t see Peter behind the drums from there, tho:/ Anyway, I loved the show!!



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Omg these guys are good!! Fantastic gig (didn´t expect any less;). I know I say that repeatedly, but can´t help it.

I only go to awesome gigs:) So waiting for the next album!! If you haven´t heard “Sleepers…”, check it out now!
Edvin Aftonfalk – Guitar (lead)/ Vocals, Robert Andersson – Guitar/ Vocals(lead), Dag Landin – Bass, Adam Lindmark – Drums


>>MORE (live clips etc)