KING DIAMOND – Gröna Lund 25/7 2014

kd-gronaThe high point after an awesome week of  KING DIAMOND rehearsals in Denmark: the first gig on the tour! It was really hot and sunny but luckily the sun moved a bit after the couple of first songs so it didn´t shine straight on the bands faces. I had heard the whole setlist twice a day for a few days and it just grew more and more awesome (got the playlist on Spotify:)!

Loved the show!! And even more watching Håkon G., who I had the great pleasure of meeting for the first time. We were both shooting the whole gig and he was constantly switching from being a total pro photographer to a happy teen fan just dancing around and enjoying himself:) This was also Pontus (bass) first gig and he had already proved himself to be a genuinly awesome guy! He arrived to Denmark the same day as me after being contacted by the band just a couple of days before that.

He learned really fast for about 17 songs and was ready to go! He basically nailed it already on the first day of reheakd14rsals. Just some fine tuning the rest of the week:)) Livia looked stunning as always!! Håkon took a picture of us together  and I felt like a garbage  bag besides her:) Luckily she´s incredibly nice! Like every one in the KD camp.

Anyways, afterparty was held at the hotel close by where the band stayed. Really nice evening and got a ride home with a couple of Kings guys. The end of one of the best weeks in my life. I hope to do it again sometime:)

The pic to the right is taken by my friend Johanna. I´m sneaking about. Håkon is there too:))

» A bit  from the rehearsals in Denmark (Need to sort out some gallery at some point. Not everything is for public viewing:))



The whole thingy

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