spotifyJörgen Sandström replacing Gabeza and Orvar Säfström (NIRVANA 2002) as guest vocalist. All good:)) Shitty lights as usual at this venue.
MURDER SQUAD:: Richard Cabeza – Bass Guitar / Matti Kärki – Vocals / Uffe Cederlund – Guitar / Peter Stjärnvind – Drums

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YOB, as with all things that actually matter, there is only one. They have built their temple with a foundation concreted in absolute truth. The truth is the riffs, the truth is in the delivery, it’s in the unwavering commitment, and in the handshake and the look in their eyes. If you don’t know them, then you are fucking up your own lifes’ truth.” – Scott Kelly, NEUROSISüssy-a-Go-Go

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The mighty CRAFT live for the first time ever! Sold out (ofc) and there were many people in the crowd who travelled from all over Europe to be at the event.
Some technical fuckups but the band itself delivered! Awesome gig and a great setlist! The line up: Nox (vocals), John (lead guitar), Joakim (guitar and random noise), + session members. Some cool session members for sure. David from KONGH and Uruz from URGEHAL in drums.


“Four lads churning out brutal music with no mercy, no regrets, no ritualistic bullshit, no faking, no gory fairy tales, no compromises.”
Members: Björn Eriksson – Drums / Magnus Andreasson – Guitar / Pontus Redig – Guitar & vocals / Ruben Åhlander Persson – Bass
Genre: Death Metal Hometown: Gothenburg

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