Can´t wait for these two! To Party.san I´ve been many times and I love it to death! It always feels like home with friends and other good people, awesome bands and waffles and beer! There´s also great coffee to be found (my No.1 survival drink!). Hoping for a fantastic gig from HELLISH CROSSFIRE because they are totally awesome! They had such bad luck with gear (the airline fucked up so they had to borrow stuff!!) and also a LOT of technical difficulties on the set when they played in Stockholm for a couple of years ago. I´ve seen them before and that´s one brilliant live band! And I´m finally going to see THE RUINS OF BEVERAST!! This year representing Sweden: VANHELGD, BLOODBATH, GEHENNAH, DEGIAL & MORBUS CHRON.
Just hoping for great weather!:D



I missed Mörkaste Småland last year but this year I won´t! Have only heard good things and the line up has so many highlights!! They also added a kick off party the evening before. So excited!!:D