“Vader is a Polish death metal band from Olsztyn. Formed in 1983, the group was founded by then-bassist Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek and guitarist Zbigniew “Vika” Wróblewski. Vader went through several lineup changes over the years, with Wiwczarek as the only constant member. Since 2011, the band has comprised Wiwczarek on guitars and vocals, guitarist Marek “Spider” Pająk, bassist Tomasz “Hal” Halicki, and British drummer James Stewart.” wiki


Band Members:Peter: Guitar + Vocals Pajak: Guitar Hal: Bass James: Drums



“Formed January 14, 1985 by Sabrina Kihlstrand and Pia Nyström, who were also the main songwriters (music in collaboration, lyrics by Nyström). The band was rounded out by Sabrina’s sister Helena, and Strömberg. Ice Age were initially known as Rock Solid, but switched to their more geographically apt monicker after their first demo.
Band MembersSabrina Kihlstrand – Lead Vocals & Guitar Viktoria Larsson – Bass Guitar Linnea Landstedt – Lead Guitar André Holmqvist – Drums


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BAND: Gabbe – Guitar Steken – Vocals Filip – Guitar Sven – Battery Gobbe – Bass