Wiki: “Icelandic black metal band from Kópavogur, Reykjavík[3] that formed in 2002. The name ‘Svarti Dauði’ is Icelandic for “Black Death”. They released three demos before they released their debut album Flesh Cathedral on Terratur Possessions in 2012, as well as a split EP with the Chilean black metal band ‘Perdition'”
» Interview 2018 by Niklas Göransson (Bardo Methodology)

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“Sinmara is a Black Metal band from Reykjavík / Mosfellsbær, formed in 2008. The band was formerly named Chao, and under that name the three track cassette Spiritus Sankti was released in 2012 by Norwegian label Terratur Possessions.

Musically Sinmara contrast chaotic agression with haunting melodies and dramatic build-ups, with a focus on musicianship and attention to detail. Sinmara is an experienced and respected live band, having played countless shows in Reykjavík and twice at Eistnaflug. Their debut ‘Aphotic Womb’ was released August 28, 2014 via Terratur Possessions.”
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Band Members Ólafur Guðjónsson – Vocals Garðar S Jónsson – Guitars (Almyrkvi) Bjarni Einarsson – Drums (Slidhr, Wormlust) Þórir Garðarsson – Guitars (Svartidauði) Sigurgeir Lúðvíksson – Bass

[Live clips by Erik Svensson]

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