I do like these metal cruises. Haven´t been on one since April 2010 (the first time I saw DEVIL´S BLOOD!)) so I guess it was about time. Mostly shot the gigs and not so much of the other stuff. But here´s some. Already decided to go on the next one on the spring, no matter which bands there´s going to be. Blind Guardian are booked so far, but I´m sure there will also be something for me;) Highlights: meeting the HELL guys and some from MERCILESS & MORBID members. And ofc lots of old friends:))

The gallery @»www.swedenrockcruise.com

Henjo Richter had an accident and couldn´t play on the SRC. They didn´t cancel, tho (and I quote)
“Since we couldn’t find a replacement and did not want to cancel the show and leave our fans disappointed, we have decided to play the show nevertheless and give our longtime live Keyboarder Mr Corvin Bahn (Crystal Breed) some Extraspace and a Distortionpedal for his Organsounds. So if you’re on the Boat and around 1:45 am hear something that sounds like Deep Purple playing GammaRay songs, its us.”
Haha well done:))


And so it happened I went on a metalcruise again. Haven´t been on them ships since spring 2010 so It was really nice:) It was quite windy the day we left, and somewhere on the open sea between the Swedish and Finnish archipelago I really could feel it. I´ve had just a couple of beers but felt like a drunk person:)) I´m not going to say that much about the gigs, just sending up the pics in the order the bands played. Btw there´s a small gallery by me on the SRC webpages. Made some pics really fast when I got back home.