“Having run out of inspiration and wanting to try other things they called it a day the same year they released their fifth album Reclaim The Beat, and ever since fans have hollered for their reunion. In 2021 they got what they were asking for when the band’s core lineup – guitarist Lars Löfven, drummer Matte Modin and bassist/vocalist Gustaf Jorde – got back together.” – Metalblade

Så jääävla bra spelning:D Extra poäng även för publiken på denna fest! Bra känsla hela vägen.

Gustaf Jorde: Vocals / Bass Lars Löfven: Guitar Matte Modin: Drums

Kuriosa: » DEFLESHED intervju från 1994:D (Expository #04 (1994) Text: Rikard Wermén) -Blaskoteket


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