Band info: “YEAR OF THE GOAT, while recognizing that the 60’s and 70’s saw the birth of true genius within the performance of dark art, aim is to abolish time and make you see it for the illusion it is – sinister gospels with properly dank atmospheres can be created whenever and wherever.”
Thomas Sabbathi vocals, guitar, Per Broddesson guitar, Don Palmroos guitar, Fredrik Hellerström drums, Tobias Resch bass, Mikael Popovic mellotron,vocal

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We were kinda late to the festival and the Venom song Countess Bathory was the first one i heard after we arrived. Good start!! Cool gig with M-PIRE OF EVIL (Mantas, Jaxn and the Demolition Man). Still fukken cold. And rainy. But who cares about the details;))

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Need to move a bit fast now so I just give you the galleries, ok?:) All the bands on thursday played on the smaller stage “indoors”. Good thing because it was raining. And it was cold. And it was about to get worse:)
Still it was the nicest festival!! Can´t do so much about weather in these parts of the world, so it´s a lottery every time.


Micke J. had been to Monsters of Mora all weekend having fun and he didn´t really feel like going shooting livebands on sunday evening, so I went to Tyrol to get some pics on Sonata Arctica for SRM.  And while at it, I also took some on Pagan Minds from Norway and Vanishing Point from Melbourne,Australia.

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