“When Trondr Nefas sadly passed away at the age of 34 on May 12th in 2012 this also sealed the end of URGEHAL. Out of friendship, respect and as a tribute to their late singer and guitarist, the Norwegians decided to go ahead with producing a final album. Half of the material on ‘Aeons in Sodom’ was written by Trondr with the other half contributed by guitarist Enzifer. URGEHAL invited close friend and band mates from other projects of Nefas to contribute and those honoured in this way all joined to pay homage.” – Season of Mist

URGEHAL has played some live gigs lately. Starting last year as 2022 was marking 10 years after Trondr Nefas passing. “Dødsmarsj for Nefas” also had a stop in Stockholm May last year. They will not go on forever with this, so if you have managed to catch them at some point, you´ve been lucky:)
Live lineup is original members Enzifer (guitar) and Uruz (drums) as well as long time member Mannevond (Koldbrann, Djevel) on bass. On lead guitar is Malphas (Carpathian Forest, Endezzma, Vulture Lord, HAGL). Vocals half the set each Trondr’s long time friends and fellow musicians Sorath Northgrove (Beastcraft, Vulture Lord, HAGL) and Morten Shax (Endezzma).
In 2016 the 13th of May, Nefas bands URGEHAL, BEASTCRAFT, and ENDEZZMA shared stage for the first and last time at the “Death Is Complete” memorial evening in Oslo featuring a great bunch of guest vocalists: Hoest from TAAKE, Nag from TSJUDER, Nattefrost from CARPATHIAN FOREST, Niklas Kvarforth from SHINING, Sorath from BEASTCRAFT, Mannevond from KOLDBRANN and M Shax from ENDEZZMA.

The great ones shall not be forgotten. Brilliant gig and ofc Goatcraft Torment as the first song.

[Live clips by Tales From The Frontline, Gronn Onland, Saatanan Aslakki]

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– Latest release: Aeons in Sodom Full-length 2016


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