The great Raise Hell was the last band to play at the first ever STHLM Thrashfest. Fantastic evening all together, so hats off for Marcus & Eric who worked really hard to make everything happen on such a short period of time. From an idea to the final result on just in a month or so…think that´s pretty amazing. And they´re already planning for the next one:)


Another great band on the STHLM Thrashfest bill – Construcdead.
First time ever I saw them live, actually. They are, by the way, working on an new album right now.
Liked “Violadead” and the EP which came out for a couple of years ago. Haven´t heard the latest, though…
Got to get updated before the new one is released…good stuff.



The first STHLM Thrash Festival ever at Nalen, Stockholm and I was invited!!  So, thanks a lot, Erik & Marcus!! I had a really good time:) And thanks Fabz for the coffee! You´re a hero & lifesaver!

And I quote:
STHLM Thrashfest 09 is the first Stockholm Thrash Festival and will take place on the 30th of May in the respectable venue of Nalen in central Stockholm (Regeringsg 74). The event is arranged by the musicians themselves in order to sift through all the bullsh*t and give Stockholm quality metal by the pounds at an affordable price and at a better venue than thrash/death normally is given access to.

I  went to the venue after running around and taking pics on the Zombiewalk earlier in the day.  It was hours before they even opened the doors, so I just could take it easy and take some random pics while waiting for the whole thing to begin.
Sterbhaus was the opening band, so I begin with their pics. First time a saw them live…great gig and a great start of  the evening! And I´ll try to speed it up a bit with the rest of the pics…;)