One of the BESThardcore bands out there…and they just getting better. Last time I saw them was actually at the first Stagedive (2006) when it all ended up in somewhat chaotic last minute changing of venue and lots of crazy stuff…the new place was a pub so all the kids who wanted to see the bands couldn´t get in because the agelimit. The bands pretty much ended up playing for eachother.



The first hours in Nykvarn was hell. Was so tired I felt sick and I was in a really bad mood.
Seeing Intohimo on the Close Up stage made me feel better already and the Sonic gig and some extracoffee did the rest. Now it was really sad because this was the absolutely last Swedish concert with Roland in the band. Still, I think it will be great with the new guy, Nathan. He´s a nice guy, looks good, and seems to get along with the rest of the band really well. And they tell me he´s an amazing singer. So what else do you need?
He also took care of thIMG_0288at I got some coffee at the hotel in GBG. As I said, a really nice guy;)  Forgot the breakfastpic in the last post so send it up here instead)
The first time I saw Sonic Syndicate outdoors and instead for shooting in the photopit, I kept on using the zoomlens and found my self a good spot on a slope behind the crowd (which was btw going crazy during the show:)) and had a really good overall view.

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