For awhile ago I tagged along with Kitty and Decadence when they were shooting the outdoor scenes for their new musicvideo. The result were finished and upped  last night on the Decadence webpage. The new album “Chargepoint” will be released in Japan today, and tomorrow Kitty and I are leaving for Tokyo!! I´m sure she will keep you posted;)
Me too,  but I´m just going for some vacation and to shoot some autumnfoliage in the mountains. Will be GREAT!! My darlingdarling friends, Takashi and Miho, from Hiroshima are also coming to Tokyo for a couple of days to hang out with us. Can´t wait to see them again!! They ordered some lingonberry jam, kexchoklad and some other stuff so today I´m doing some shopping;) Yesterday I heard that Olof (Skrikhult) is flying on the same plane with the guys from H.E.A.T, who are playing at Loud Park in the weekend. Hahha that´s cool:)

Anyway…here´s the Decadence video: