The finishing bands of the great evening, ALCEST and YEAR OF NO LIGHT. Really awesome, both of them!! Add some great company, some beers and excellent food made by the guys from Gambrinus Pub…I so wish you´d been there!! YEAR OF NO LIGHT played to “Vampyr”, an old silent movie from the -30´s. (The whole gig further down the page). Again, not so many pics. Was busy enjoying the festival:)


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Snatched from E.M.: After internal tensions in the band Negură Bunget, Hupogrammos and Sol Faur left the band to form Dordeduh; while drummer Negru continued Negură Bunget with new musicians. “Dordeduh” comes from three Romanian words, annexed together. “Dor de duh” means “Longing for spirit”.

An interesting  band!! Amazing music and one of the many highlights at the Dark Bombastic. For many people Negura B. is far from the same nowadays, especially when this guy Hupogrammos left the band. Don´t really have an opinion, because It´s not that long ago I started listening to the band. Had the chance to spend some time with him and his disciples (some young people looking for answers to the big questions of life:)) later in the evening and we talked about all kinds of shit, shared stuff (his beer and my cigarrettes:)).
Really cool, intellectual guy. We were staying at the same hotel with all the bands, thanks to Doru the organizer fixing that, so we did meet a few times. His girlfriend and the rest of the band were also really nice and I do hope we´ll meet again! The accomodation offer in Stockholm stands!;))
The pics are very so-so. Spent more time meeting people and checking out the gigs than taking pictures. I´ll do better next time:)


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At Dark Bombastic Evening 3rd Edition I met people talking Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian. Quite weird and surreal after touring Transylvania in more than a week with hearing nothing but Romanian and English….:) Anyway, DRACONIAN are from Sweden and yet this was the first time I saw a live gig with the guys. Really cool! Loved it!

DRACONIAN @ DBE 3 [The whole gig]

DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING 3rd EDITION was one of the nicest events I´ve ever been to. Loved the whole concept of it! You can read more of
Notes: Les Discrets had Neige (Alcest) on bass and the drummer Winterhalter used to play in Peste Noire.
“Dark Bombastic Evening desires to be a nonconformist festival that promotes and supports the Underground spirit in the freest and most unconditional ways! It was created from an honest wish to offer friendship, to organise cultural events filled with diversity and to establish a musical Underground platform unique to Romania and beyond.”


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