Amazing gig!!
Had a really long day with a few hours photoshoot in Old Town and then I just got stuck at the venue since 5PM doing nothing. Still, I was taken good care of thanks to the Püssy a Go Go crew (the first time I met them) and all the others at Debaser, so I was really doing ok watching the soundchecks and having some good food and a couple of beers:) Bought a t-shirt and my first patch ever. Have to figure out where to do with those. Maybe on a bag or smthng…suggestions? Anyway, the evening was a great one, the venue packed with people and IN SOLITUDE were so good!! Didn´t take any pics of the cool & beautiful people, Just shot the concerts, but I had a fast “promoshoot” with the club owners. Some of those coming up as soon I finished some other stuff.

Last FM:
Püssy a Go Go:
Blod och Svärd:

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Some pictures for staff of the new club Püssy A Go Go. The first time I met them at Debaser Slussen, Stockholm (In Solitude + Reveal gig)


Later Lisa and Alexandra got an own place in The Liffeys basement in Old Town and had some legendary years there. Many of the best gigs I´ve ever seen was at that place. Or Nalen Klubb, the main Nalen and a couple of other places they used for some specific gigs @ events.


The unofficial opening for the basement was with Fester (swe), General Surgery + Nirvana 2002 the 4th of August 2012. The were still some job to do at the venue but the sound worked so all good:)) P.A.G.G. later evolved to Tänk På Döden, Black Harvest and Bored To Death Bookings and continued to be responsible for shitloads of great events.


» Photos @ The Works



In the very beginning @ The Liffey. The ones involved met up for a group photo and some food.
(Photo credits P.A.G.G.)



REVEAL from Uppsala, the town of a million great bands. A new band for me but an immediate success:) Weird, beautiful and intense liveshow…can´t describe it in another way. Found the album (Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth) on Spotify. Check it out so you know what I´m talking about.

>>MORE (live clips etc)