NAGLFAR is back and the gig was amazing!! And, for me, a proper ending for the last evening. Well, BEHEMOTH played as the last band, but I didn´t see so much of it:) I was asked to take some shots from the stage in the end of the NAGLFAR gig and I also took some fast bandpics backstage. Thanks to lovely Demonia for assistance and the beer:)

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RAGNAROK played their set quite early in the afternoon.

Black Metal bands should always have some surrounding darkness, but that´s not always possible at festivals. Great gig anyways!:)
Line up: HansFyrste – Vocals, Jontho – Drums, DezeptiCunt – Bass, Bolverk – Guitar



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Metal Archives: “Incantation was formed by John McEntee and Paul Ledney of Profanatica. They had previously played together in Revenant.
McEntee has also been in Mortician and Immolation for a brief period, and currently plays rhythm guitar in his wife Jill’s band Funerus.”

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