Great gig by mighty SWITCHBLADE!!


The band is really just two guys, Tim Bertilsson (Drums) and Johan Folkesson (guitar), but they got more people on stage. On keyboards Per Wiberg (Spiritual Beggars, Candlemass, ex-Opeth) and as guest vocalists David Johansson (Kongh) and The Cuckoo (Terra Tenebrosa).

Magic!!!! I left before Cult of Luna entered the stage (sorry!!), so no pics on them:/
Thanks to Tim for taking care of my stuff!!:))


>>MORE (live clips etc)

All these awesome people who came to The Assembly Rooms. Many of my photos can be seen in the bonus DVD  booklet  (You can get it with “Curse and Chapter“. Includes  six songs from the  show Derby plus additional material recorded at Bloodstock Open Air.)


From the bonus DVD booklet

526406_435122036564456_1905380888_nAfter more than a year late, I finally fix this. There are ofc reasons why it took so much time but nevermind, here it goes.

The HELL crew and the band worked really hard a couple of days to get everything ready for the Greatest Show On Earth. Such an awesome bunch of guys and girls:)) I tried to do my stuff without being too much in the way and ended up with loads of pictures. Had so much fun!

The galleries from the Derby show are different from my ordinary ones but didn´t really know how to put everything properly together. Anyways, here are the working day/pre-show pics:)


Photos in the bonus DVD booklet

526406_435122036564456_1905380888_n Some whatever pics from my weekend in Derby. Was invited by the band to work as the official photographer at the show at the Assembly Rooms and ended up with loads of photos.

Not done with all of them yet, and I also need to wait for the band to decide which ones they want to use. But eventually I´ll upload some galleries here.
Two days of hard work at the venue for both the band and crew, but the result was awesome!!

Had a great time with everybody involved and my young Finnish friend Tommi (who actually got himself a job as soon as he found out about the event,  just to get the money for this trip. Total dedication!:).