“The band name Lugnet means tranquility(the calm) in Swedish and is also the name of the area where the band rehearse their music. But make no mistake this band is out to kill..”

Great party for the new album “LUGNET “!!! Was booked to shoot for the band so lots of pics:) Even met the legenadary Christina Lindberg (Thriller – A Cruel Picture etc. Tarantino loves her!) and got a shot with her together with the band.
Line up: Roger – Vocals Mackan – Guitar Jansson – Drums Z – Bass Bonden – Guitar


A couple of bonus pics

Finally FINALLY I´ve got myself a new tag/logo. Made by my very awesome and talented friend Urban Skytt. He´s mainly this great guitar player (GENERAL SURGERY, REGURGITATE, ex-NASUM,ex-CREMATORY, ex-CRUCIFYRE) but have also made some killer logos for DARK FUNERAL, MASSGRAV, CRUCIFYRE etc and also some really cool album art.
I wanted something simple and old school and got this wooonderful piece with CC vibes. Totally love it!! Hail Urban!!
I´m still using the old one ´til I´m done with the pics i´ve got lying around but changing on the next new ones.


Some years since the last time and they still crush everything in their way. Totally awesome gig!! Book them already!! Would love to see them at festivals this year!!
Ingemar Gustafsson – vocals / Per Rinaldo – guitars / Johan Eriksson – guitars / Joakim Antman – bass / Fredrik Widigs – drums


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Blackened Death Metal from Västerås. Totally a new band to me. Very good gig, tho and I will keep my eye on them:)
Members: Robin Axelson – Bass (ex-Blasphemus) Ludvig Zettergren – Rythm Guitar (ex-Stigmatic) Anton Grönberg – Lead Guitar (ex-Stigmatic) David Döragrip – Vocals (Declension) Germán Nero Echiburu – Drums (Burning Darkness/Circle of Chaos)


>>MORE (live clips etc)