En trött vecka och fortfarande “fel” kamera (min vanliga på lagning i London. Long story). INTERMENT firade släppet av “Scent of the Buried” och spelade på Coppan med TORMENTED och REPUKED. Missade dom sistnämnda men TORMENTED röjde på jävligt bra och INTERMENT giget var fantastiskt! Galet bra band men ljuset var bedrövligt denna gång och inget funkade riktigt, så blev inte så många bilder. Men skitsamma:) Stor tack till banden och Death Kills!! Och Erik Tormentor som gav mig lift hem:)



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ALFAHANNE from Eskilstuna!!! Great, great show from the beginning to the end!! This time with R.Fjäll from OFERMOD as guest vocalist (seen them with Niklas from SHINING and V’gandr from HELHEIM & TAAKE and both of them also appear on the first album on a couple of songs).
Members: Pehr Skjoldhammer: Vocals, Guitar Fredrik Sööberg: Guitar Niklas Åström: Drums Jimmy Wiberg: Bass





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Because everything at Kafé 44 starts and ends quite early, we even got the time to go to Copperfields and see the PROTECTOR gig. Sadly missed EXTIRPATION (Saw them in Bucharest for a year ago) but said hello and took some snapshots:) Martin & the guys already started the set, but saw the most of it. Really glad we went there because the gig was so much fun (especially the end when the stage was packed with people:)) and also I realized how much better the place was now.

I guess it´s all thanks to Fredrik and Death Kills. I´ve been there only once on a gig (The Ugly, Mystruin, Edin Na Zu in 2011) and I hated the place. So even though there´s been lots of great events, I´ve avoided it. But now it seems to be the No.1 metal pub in town. The stage is still small and low but way better and there are proper space in front of it. And everyone was there so it felt like home! No entrance fee so you just pop in. Sorry guys it took such a long time, but I´ve kinda changed my mind now and you will be seeing me there every once in awhile from now on:)


A few live pics:

And some snapshots:

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A great night with [links to pages] Centinex, Crucifyre, Bombs of Hades, Dead Awaken, GorgonautDisrupted  and the grestest of Metal DJ´s: The Myrkheimr´s!!

Big thanks to Adde (Luciferian Society), Dreamtide Music and Fredrik (Death Kills) for putting it all together:) Had a great time but thought the stage lights were kinda flat and ugly:/ Oh well, got some pics:))


MORE PICTURES:  Centinex / Crucifyre / Bombs of Hades / Dead Awaken / Gorgonaut / Disrupted

Above: CRUCIFYRE in the kitchen:)

MORE PICTURES: Centinex / Crucifyre / Bombs of Hades / Dead Awaken / Gorgonaut / Disrupted

Sadly I missed the whole first night and the beginning of the second. But got to see some of the bands including the mighty NOMINON with Simon & Vlad (Valkyrja, Ondskapt etc) . At least Vlad was called in on very short notice. Awesome freakin gig!!!  There is way too few NOMINON gigs in general and they´re totally on my wishlist to some festival this summer!!! Right now they are off to Russia!!

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