“The time has finally come for us to announce our return to our hometown Uppsala. On Friday November 3rd we will turn the giant concert hall of UKK into a temple of Black Metal Magic, in honor of our 25th anniversary as Watain. After selling out in no time we have decided to add one extra night on Saturday Nov 4th.” – WATAIN

The stage took a few days to build. Loads of work but totally worth it. Absolutely magnificent, both the show and the environment they created.
Lots of special moments like seeing Farida on stage for “We Remain” together with E. Attila also made a guest appearance and I saw E. playing the guitar on stage for the first time. The last song was Waters of Ain (Selim was missed on that one).
The setlist below is from Setlist.fm. Hope it´s the right one.
A few pictures here, way more in the Gallery
[Live clips (from both days) by phil lutz, Silver M]

The live album “Die In Fire – Live In Hell (Agony And Ecstasy Over Stockholm)” was released (and available at the venue) on November 3 through Nuclear Blast Records. Recorded in Stockholm 2022.


Watain Setlist Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Uppsala, Sweden 2023, 25th Anniversary

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“As a second opening act we have invited the one and only Attila Csihar and his Void of Voices, to further remove us from the mundane world before it is time for Watain to go on stage. Attila, also he a long time friend and collaborator, is best known from his groundbreaking work as a vocalist in Mayhem and Tormentor, two bands whose influence on Watain and on Black Metal in general, can not be understated.” – WATAIN

I love how Attila is using his voice in whatever he does. Would rather see him in a small venue where everything was about him. A bit distracted about everything else going on this evening.

“As the first opening act for the 25 Year Anniversary shows we are very proud to announce the appearance of our old friends and collaborators Gottfrid and Pelle Åhman and their otherworldly project PÅGÅ. The brothers, also from Uppsala, have shared the road with Watain many times in their old band In Solitude, and since their disbanding they have continued further on their own crooked path, dense with magic, music and mystery. And those things are also what you one might expect from their appearances on November 3rd and 4th.” – WATAIN

More electronic than I expected but really cool. Total respect for the guys.