Grande Finale of the most excellent evening! “Havenless” as an extra treat with Grutle on iPad :D Great crowd also and very few mobile phones in sight (has that changed in general the past year or so when I´ve been out of the country?) Anyways It´s a good trend. But of course, no video clips to be found from the gigs.
Had so much fun, met so many awesome people including the ones who worked at the venue. The restaurant had an awesome vegetarian lunch buffet btw! So try it out if you ever visit Gothenburg!


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Pt. 2 of a brilliant evening! Debut album in making which will be released in 2019 (Season of Mist).

I do love the Trelldom, Gorgoroth, God Seed stuff, tho. Hope they still keep at least some of it in their performances in the future.

[Video clips from Eindhoven MM 2017 and Blekkmetal 2015]

MEMBERS: Gaahl (Kristian Espedal) – Vocals Lust Killman (Ole Walaunet) – Guitar Eld (Frode Kilvik) – Bass Spektre (Kevin Kvåle) – Drums


» GAAHL interview in Bardo Methodology

Outside having a  smoke with Kristian. I always ask and he always patiently answers that he never smoked. Not once.
Still, he tags along. He´s the best:)

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“Majestic” is one word to describe Skogen. A friend of mine used the word when talking about this band. Magnificent gig in Gothenburg!!
If you haven´t heard them before, you should check them out!
» SKOGEN interview @ Bardo Methodolgy

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