Tidig början igen, 8 band på listan.
Ruskigt bra spelning av SPAZMOSITY! Nytt sen sist (2010): Parri (Valkyrja, Neuronaut, Isole osv) på bas & Niklas (GRÀ, Godhead Machinery osv) som vokalist. Bra skit! Svåra ljus men det är alltid vad det är.



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[Edit 24/4 2024: Added live clip]

INFERNO Kick Off in Stockholm at The Cave – first band out was Spazmosity with Ola Lindgren (Grave) on vocals.

Black Metal darkness. For real. Did my best, tho…


» https://www.facebook.com/SPAZMOSITY
» http://www.infernofestival.net


[Live clip by metalhearter]


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Klubb Gås-night yesterday…The Ugly & Remasculate had releaseparty and was in real hurry to get from Hovet to Broder Tuck in time for Spazmosity who opened the evening. I arrived in time, took off like 5 layers of clothes (it was freezing cold at Hovet) and left them with Inky who sat with the merch. I bought The Ugly CD and a beer, then I ran out of money…got to get the Remasculate CD later.
I didn´t have to freeze anymore…the basement was like a sauna. Very small stage, no lights what so ever, so I shot everything with the flash.



Photoshoot with Spazmosity, a blackmetal band from Stockholm.  There were blood…lots of it EVERYWHERE! 


We tried to keep it clean on the studio floor  in the beginning, but after a couple of hours we had to give up. Simply too much of the stuff…Luckily it was quite easy to clean the floors when we were finished. And the guys did their part, of course.  Fun day;)



[Promo shoot 2008 + album pics for “Welcome Death” CD 2010. Studio. Sthlm]
All photos Copyright (C) Soile Siirtola – extremmetal.se. Not to be used without permission.

Here´s some of the non-bloody pictures:


…and some bloody ones:


…the guys:


…and a “poster”. My favourite pic on Emanuelsson;):


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Bad lights – bad pics. But a very good gig!! Me and the new light & soundguy at Tanto don`t seem to understand eachother:))

He seems like a very nice guy, but he never ever let the bands have any lights on them  more than 10 seconds…Let there be darkness, he probably thinks…Well, I will ask him for some lights again next time…and we´ll see…or not.