…for sure:) When It (really young guys) were surprisingly good, Astral Carneval as good (or even better..?) as I saw them at Dead Generation for a couple of years ago. And Calm, as always, is a state of mind….;))
Sadly I didn´t see Embers Arise because I had to get on the Norrland Express and back home…
I had a really nice evening, so a big thanks to you all!!:))
Venue: Studenternas Hus, Eskilstuna


Took some pics on Dismember for about a week ago…
It was really cool:) Haven´t asked yet when I can set up an album, so I guess I´ll wait ´till I know for sure I´ts ok. I´ll tell you!
The Plan: Tomorrow Nattas will pick me up and off we go to Katrineholm…don´t know yet if I can make it. Really hope so, and it could be nice and I really need some fun right now. Other bands at the venue (Gamla Palladium) tomorrow are: Calm, Astral Carneval & Dead Victims.

Now you find all my pics from Klubben the 29th of november on extremmetal.se! Insomnium, Swallow the Sun & Amorphis.

Don´t forget: It´s Finland´s birthday tomorrow!!!!
Insomnium got Finlandia as intro:)) Really cool!!!!!!


The nicest party this year! Not that I´ve been to so many parties, but still:)
And I finally got the new record for real…I´ve been listening to some mp3:s but now I got the real thing. Nice people (and LOTS of them!), my pics all over the place and a few beers. It could´nt be better.

Yesterday Toxic at Tantogården.

Blood Banner and The Protectors were really really good!! Gehennah could have been, but after a couple of songs it all ended…The singer walked out of the stage and didn´t come back no more.
Well…It was quite fun anyway. And the winners are…Martin Missy & The Protectors. Go see them next time!!!
Enormous thanks to Toxic for a nice evening!!