Kafé 44 used to have the most beautiful lights on stage, but now they seem to be gone forever =(  It still is a very nice place, though=)
I got some pics on Vörgus & InFuneral uploaded in extreMMetal gallery.

GALLERIES: Vörgus / Decadence / InFuneral

Decadence gallery

InFuneral Gallery


…a few more Chthonic pics, too!!!

A couple a pics very fast…
The Taiwanese blackmetalband Chthonic visited Stockholm today and I got the oportunity to get a few pics before the band ran off to do some television…


After that I shot studiopics a couple of hours and the rest of the night I spent at Kafé 44. Live on stage: Vörgus, Decadence & InFuneral.

That´s all I have to say right now. Im tired!! Got to sleep!!

Updated the extreMMetal gallery with pics from Club Undertaker …

I´ve got a very few pics on Memfis (we had to leave) and will fix up all of them like tomorrow. Or someday soon.
Monday again!!! That sucks!!
Goodnight //Soile
P.S. For some reason I can´t update my calendar…
Vörgus, Decadence & a couple of other bands are trashing Kafé 44 on tuesday!!! See you there??!!!!!!!

Gallery: Kitty & Decadence

GODPHOBIA 20 images

»Maramon Gallery

Found loads of pics from Bergman´s Dirty Black Summer Festival for a couple of years ago (july 2005)…
Great weather, great people, GREAT bands. And a great place on Telge Choppers domains. The most unforgettable: Bergman´ s mom drumming our socks off with Phrank =))

Omg I miss summer right now=(

With the talented mr. Krauze as our Actor, me and Erik Tormentor went down to the studio for shooting some pics for the new Maze of Torment album. Kola Krauze is a real deal and have performed at places like Dramaten (THE theater in Stockholm) and such. It was a real pleasure to work with him, so I also took some pics just because. The gun was almost real…you just couldn´t shoot with it;)




I think all of the blogpics are replaced now! Older blogs went out of pics when I moved all extreMMetal galleries, but they´re all back now…I think:)
But not necessary the same pics they used to be…I forgot which ones I had posted before:))

Fridaynight photoshoot with Erik from Maze of Torment and Kola, an actor and a really cool guy:) We worked on the cover for the forthcoming MoT album and I think It went really well. I can´t show you the pics now. I have to wait ´till  the album is out. No spoilers here:)) Still, I took some cool pics which got nothing to do with the albumcover…:

Finally I have tried out the new studio!! My friends in Decadence were kind enough to be my guinea pigs=) It´s gonna take som time to fully understand how everything works with the flashes and other gadgets, but I think we did quite well=)))
So, if you need some studiopics, ask me!!

Thanks guys for making my day. It was really fun=))))
See you //Soile