ANTICHRIST!!  One of the very finest we got here in Sweden:) The last gig for the evening and the crowd went  crazy as always. Met my friend Adam before the gig and he was still suffering from the last time he saw the band some weeks back. He was pretty convinced he was about to die on this one.  I´ve seen him go crazy at an ANTICHRIST gig  (I wish I could show you the vid some guy from London filmed@ the Püssy a Go Go event in Stockholm but it can´t be linked here) , so I thought I´d better say the last goodbyes:) He survived, obviously.  Thrash fans don´t break that easily:))
The stage was most of the time covered in thick smoke so didn´t get that many pics. Planning to see them many more times, tho:)
Line Up: Gobbe Henningsson Bass, Sven Nilsson Drums, Gabriel Forslund Guitars, Filip Runesson Guitars, Steken Vocals

>>MORE (live clips etc)

Need to move a bit fast now so I just give you the galleries, ok?:) All the bands on thursday played on the smaller stage “indoors”. Good thing because it was raining. And it was cold. And it was about to get worse:)
Still it was the nicest festival!! Can´t do so much about weather in these parts of the world, so it´s a lottery every time.