AURA NOIR @ Garage!! They kill every time and I can´t wait to see them again. Hopefully at some of the summer festivals. And some guy behind me tried to kill me during “Condor”. The mf tried to snatch my spot in the front. Still, he turned out to be a nice guy after all. Just very drunk:))

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WIKI: Koldbrann (Gangrene) is a Norwegian black metal band founded in 2001. Musically Koldbrann, like countrymen 1349, play very orthodox black metal in the classic Norwegian mould and have also received favorable comparisons to early Gorgoroth, Mayhem and Darkthrone. Much of the praise directed at the band has therefore been centered around their songwriting and excellent reproduction of the old sound of the Norwegian scene.
Line Up: Kvass – Guitar / Mannevond – Vocals / Folkedal – Drums / Voidar – Guitar / Desecrator – Bass (Live)

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My very first time ever in Norway and Bergen!! I met Peik, the vocalist, with his other band CAVUS when they visited Stockholm a couple of years ago. WOLAND started up in 2010 and released their debut album ‘Hyperion’ on Indie Recordings just a couple of weeks ago. Great gig and nice to meet the guys (and Laura!:)).
Btw…they share the drummer with SHINING! The magnificent Rainer!:)
Line up: W – VocalsL / XIV – Guitars / JC – Bass / CHCl3 – Drums

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