Five bands so an early start. And as always, I arrived a couple of hours before doors opened so quite a long evening. A fantastic one, tho.


VOODUS, great as always (love the new single and the upcoming album “Emanating Sparks” is planned for release in early 2024). Guest vocalist Simon W. from VALKYRJA.


MALAKHIM being the only band I never saw before so didn´t know what to expect. Had heard good things from my friends, tho, and the Umeå bunch delivered big time! Hopefully I´ll get to see them again some day.


Only seen MORTUUS once for many years ago and got such high hopes. Still one of the greats to see live (Vlad from VALKYRJA on bass). Latest album “Diablerie” was released in -22. » MORTUUS Setlist


MEPHORASH performance was the best I´ve seen so far with the guys. They played the whole new album (with live choir) from first to last song.
From the event page: “In celebration of Mephorash’s long-awaited fifth release KRYSTL-AH, the band invites you to join a very special ceremony. The band will perform its new opus to usher in a new era of Mephorash with new aesthetic and new rituals. Each song on the upcoming album is recorded with a full choir, and the same choir will perform the album live at Slaktkyrkan on November 18th.” Sadly no picures of the choir but they deserve a special mention because they truly heightened the experience.


TAAKE awesome as always! Guest appearance by Pehr and Niklas from ALFAHANNE. One of the bands I could never get tired of seeing live.
Overall a super event. So far no luck finding live clips of all the bands but Eriks klipp uploaded at least a couple.


Huge thanks to all the bands and Adde / Luciferian Society for this one!:))
Luciferian Society

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“The time has finally come for us to announce our return to our hometown Uppsala. On Friday November 3rd we will turn the giant concert hall of UKK into a temple of Black Metal Magic, in honor of our 25th anniversary as Watain. After selling out in no time we have decided to add one extra night on Saturday Nov 4th.” – WATAIN

The stage took a few days to build. Loads of work but totally worth it. Absolutely magnificent, both the show and the environment they created.
Lots of special moments like seeing Farida on stage for “We Remain” together with E. Attila also made a guest appearance and I saw E. playing the guitar on stage for the first time. The last song was Waters of Ain (Selim was missed on that one).
The setlist below is from Hope it´s the right one.
A few pictures here, way more in the Gallery

The live album “Die In Fire – Live In Hell (Agony And Ecstasy Over Stockholm)” was released (and available at the venue) on November 3 through Nuclear Blast Records. Recorded in Stockholm 2022.

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“As a second opening act we have invited the one and only Attila Csihar and his Void of Voices, to further remove us from the mundane world before it is time for Watain to go on stage. Attila, also he a long time friend and collaborator, is best known from his groundbreaking work as a vocalist in Mayhem and Tormentor, two bands whose influence on Watain and on Black Metal in general, can not be understated.” – WATAIN

I love how Attila is using his voice in whatever he does. Would rather see him in a small venue where everything was about him. A bit distracted about everything else going on this evening.

“As the first opening act for the 25 Year Anniversary shows we are very proud to announce the appearance of our old friends and collaborators Gottfrid and Pelle Åhman and their otherworldly project PÅGÅ. The brothers, also from Uppsala, have shared the road with Watain many times in their old band In Solitude, and since their disbanding they have continued further on their own crooked path, dense with magic, music and mystery. And those things are also what you one might expect from their appearances on November 3rd and 4th.” – WATAIN

More electronic than I expected but really cool. Total respect for the guys.

The Grande Finale of a long day. Didn´t have much to do, so left quite early and “helped” to pick up the bus DF were using the rest of the weekend and getting the gear from the rehearsal place. After arriving to the venue I just drifted around trying not to be too much in the way. The venue was really nice and all the staff also, so all the waiting was not too bad at all. There were even a Banksy exhibition in the building (still there until the 4th of February -24)

Always nice to see bands that you usually only see on bigger stages with all the works. A really good gig and DF tried out some new stuff on stage (no fire this time). Looked good with the colours and smoke, but not so much photo friendly lights. But I did the best I could:) Good crowd and met/noticed quite many ppl from the music business. Being a weekday in Stockholm, there was a great support for this event.
Overall a very nice day.
DARK FUNERAL and the supporting bands continued the weekend with Uppsala (Fri) and Trollhättan (Sat).

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Mighty as always. The venue did not allow the use of blood but they did look good even without.

The band: C. (Christian Jönsson Baad) : Vocals (2016-present), Guitars (2016-2017) E. (Eddie Lindgren) : Guitars, Vocals (2016-present) D. (Dennis Holm) : Bass (2016-present) O. (Oscar Krumlinde) : Drums (2016-present) S. (Simon Olovsson) : Guitars (2017-present)

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Death metal with hardcore vibes from Uppsala since 2021 so a fairly new band. Familiar faces, tho.
The guys in the band not so “new”: Matte Modin (ex Dark Funeral. Firespawn, Raised Fist), Ronnie Nyman (Nightrage, Always War, Enemy Is Us), Gustav Eriksson (ex Mass Worship, Ordos, Always War) och Erik Sjölander (The Mist of Avalon). The first time to see the band live, good opening for the evening!

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“The inaugural ceremony of Hellbutcher transpired in the bleak autumn of 2023, a night etched in the annals of metal history. Their debut live performance, a manifestation of inferno, cloaked the stage in fire, smoke, and violent melodies, embodying the very essence of metal’s primal ferocity.”

Den faktiska anledningen varför jag i första hand åkte på denna roadtrip med Mattias (DEAD KOSMONAUT) var ju att se Pelle HELLBUTCHERS band live för första gången nånsin. Värsta stormen i Motala så man gjorde inte så mycket sightseeing (första gången i Motala. Såg ju najs ut). Man blåste iväg så att mest hålla sig inomhus var att föredra. Mycket snygga scendekorationer och Pelle hade gjort åtminstone dom stora korsen själv. kanske resten av grejerna med? Såg jävligt bra ut iaf. Hampus från Bullet skötte eldarna och trots en massa sista minuten krångel (som nog hör till för premiärer. Och live i allmänhet xD) så blev det en riktigt grym spelning som både lät bra och såg bra ut. Vi hängde kvar ett tag efter giget innan vi sen körde tillbaks till Sthlm. Bandet firade loss med skumpa & grejs:) Ytterst trevlig visit till Motala.

PICTURES: Bomber Bar (pre-listening), soundcheck & whatnots

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Svinkul att träffa mina gamla polare i DIE HARD! Dom dök upp på postern rätt sent som en glad liten överraskning och dom har ju inte spelat live på länge. Hasse är tillbaks i bandet, Harry givetvis och Egge på trummor. Suveränt bra gig! Dom körde på som dom alltid har gjort:)
Var en vända på Bomber Bar för förhandslyssningen av HELLBUTCHER plattan, men det blev aldrig tid sen senare att gå tillbaka för Cobra Cult och IMMOLATOR gigsen. Det var full underhållning på Akademin men lite surt ändå eftersom dom nu båda spelade i krokarna. Får ta igen det vid tillfälle.

Blandade bilder. Trix & fix , backstage och korridorerna i Kulturakademin.

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