Wiki: “Deviant är en svensk death metalgrupp bildad tidigt 2002 av Johan, EB och Magnus i Uppsala. Alx gick med i bandet snart därefter. Debutdemon Deviant gavs ut i augusti 2003.
Debutdemon släpptes i november 2003 och ledde till ett skivkontrakt med italienska The Spew Records tidigt 2004. Debutalbumet, Larvaeon, spelades in i slutet av december 2004 och januari 2005. Det var även under denna period som Fredrik blev medlem i bandet som basist. Albumet släpptes i juni 2005. I januari 2006 spelades en EP in, Apathyphus, som släpptes 2007 på det grekiska skivbolaget Nuclear Winter Records.”

Senaste medlemmar: Alex – sång Johan (Johan Wikmark) – gitarr Magnus (Magnus Wikmark) – gitarr EB – trummor Fredrik Holmqvist – basgitarr

Photo shoot with SERPENT OBSCENE ( 1997 – 2006)  in April 2005.  Shot the outdoor pics at an old (abandoned) tuberculosis hospital and at some sandpits. We also climbed up in a water towerFor the indoor shots we occupied the local youth centre and used their smoke machine.
Additional note: The pizzaplace where we went for lunch made pentagrams in bearnaise on the pizzas m/.
One of the smoky pics ended up on the album “Chaos Reign Supreme” (cover art made by the great Joe Petagno) and the whatever pics on the album are also by me.
Trivia: The winged Serpent Obscene skull was made by Erik Tormentor and it´s also used here and there in “Swedish Death Metal”, the book by Daniel Ekeroth (the spikes removed, tho).
The band split up after releasing the album and I´m still not over it! No release gigs, no nothing.
Erik “Tormentor” Sahlström – V / Johan Thörngren – G Nicklas Eriksson – G / Jonny Putrid – B / Jonas Eriksson – D



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Photos of WATAIN at Klubben, Stockholm. Dead crows on stage…at some point I try to locate the original pictures and make more and better ones..
Some clips from 2004 by KKKKoskinen (Helsinki) & Syed Imran Towhid (full set from Barcelona, Dissection Rebirth tour)

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