The second of 3 HORNA sets from different eras/vocalists.

Corvus (Tapsa Kuusela – Korgonthurus, Ymir, ex-Totalselfhatred etc). Another fantastic & strong HORNA experience!
Lights even more shitty than the previous night but whatever, I tried the best I could:)


HORNA W. CORVUS (from E. Metallum)
Vocals (2002-2009)


2002 Musta Surma / Horna (Split) Vocals
2002 Risti ja ruoska (EP) Vocals
2003 Horna / Desolation Triumphalis (Split) Vocals
2003 Tästä alkavat minun vuoteni / Live Invocation (Split) Vocals
2003 Viha ja viikate (EP) Vocals
2004 Black Metal Warfare – Goat Guts over Hengelo (Live album) Vocals
2004 Horna / Woods of Infinity (Split) Vocals
2004 Talismaani (EP) Lyrics (track 3), Vocals
2004 Horna / Behexen (Split) Vocals
2004 Vuohipaimen (EP) Vocals
2005 Vihan vuodet (Split) Vocals (tracks 3, 4, 5, 6)
2005 Goatfucking Gent / Vivicomburium (Split) Vocals
2005 Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne Songwriting (track 4), Vocals
2005 Unohdetut kasvot, unohdettu ääni / Un sogno oscuro (Split) Vocals
2005 Horna / Blackdeath (Split) Vocals
2006 Ilman arvoa ja arkkua / Κιναιδος (Legion of Doom) (Split) Vocals
2006 Ääniä yössä Vocals
2007 Horna / Sacrificia Mortuorum (Split) Vocals
2007 Sotahuuto Vocals
2007 Pimeyden hehku (EP) Vocals (lead)
2007 Horna / Peste Noire (Split) Vocals
2009 Sanojesi äärelle Lyrics (track 4), Vocals
2009 Musta kaipuu (Saatanan toinen evankeliumi) (Compilation) Vocals
2009 Horna / Nefarious (Split) Vocals
2009 Vihan tiellä (Live album) Vocals



[Live clips GRONNENHELL TopiKoo Doomed 2 travel Sautherom Mx sarvi]




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– HORNA has been experiencing shitloads of troubles on social medias w. hijacked accounts etc so nothing official to link to for the moment.

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