Klubb Gås-night yesterday…The Ugly & Remasculate had releaseparty and was in real hurry to get from Hovet to Broder Tuck in time for Spazmosity who opened the evening. I arrived in time, took off like 5 layers of clothes (it was freezing cold at Hovet) and left them with Inky who sat with the merch. I bought The Ugly CD and a beer, then I ran out of money…got to get the Remasculate CD later.
I didn´t have to freeze anymore…the basement was like a sauna. Very small stage, no lights what so ever, so I shot everything with the flash.



Hovet yesterday…mostly I sat on a bench “back-backstage” while waiting for the bands. Met Marko, a finnish photographer and journalist. Things didn´t really go his way yesterday:) He stayed for the rest of the Motörheadgig and I ran off for a releaseparty just around the corner.



Met Linda too. She was there to shoot Witchcraft.
We waited and waited to get in…