We (me, Sophie & Bussman)  left KGB and went to Anchor to meet some people, have a couple of more beers and listen to some Slayer covers. I lost a beer in a weird way at some point…and yes, for once I was a bit drunk.


Had a great time!!! Thanks to Daniel, who invited me, Sophie, Damon, Rob and everyone else involved…me and Soph bought one of those Homer Simpson beers. Probably  the first & last time….really expensive!! Fun, though:) Have to keep it short now because there´s lots of pics to blog and I have to start moving again soon…So without further ado, here´s the first ones:


Didn´t think I´d get any presents this year but in fact i got a couple of them today:) Both F.K.Û and man.machine.industry sent me calendars for 2010. The one I got from F.K.Û contains photos from the promoshoot  we did and in the M.M.I calendar is various pics…some mine and some from others.
Love them both!!=) I also got a copy of Upsala Nya Tidning with the big F.K.Û photo on the cover:) Thank you so much guys and have a fantastic Christmas (that also goes for the rest of you, too) !!!! See you all next year:D

More grindcore…
The Arson Project and Slavebreed (from Greece) and of course the main attraction of the evening, Birdflesh from Växjö who did their second-ever Stockholm gig.

You could tell that they (Achmed Abdulex – guitar, backing vox / Smattro Ansjovis – drums,vox /Barbro Havohej – bass, backing vox) were highly appreciated and awaited. I personnally could tell that by the fact that after one song or so I had to run for cover and relocate myself up upon a table behind the pillars.

Everybody went totally crazy and if it wasn´t so easy to take pics before, it went absolutely impossible. There were already one photographer on the small stage, so I didn´t have that as an option either… And the (very few) photos do suck:) I´m sorry.

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