The reason why I ended up at the  Crooked Horns in Lindesberg were the guys in LAMIA ANTITHEUS. They asked me for a month ago if I could tag along with them and I think I promised to do so. And then I forgot all about it…;)
Linus Letheus called and reminded me about it the day before, so I had to get in touch with Daniel (“Framed Noice” Falk), who was on his way to  Sthlm and my place in between the Arvika and Rockweekend festivals. He did fine without me being at home, so no harm done:)  Anyway, Linus picked me up early in the morning, and after a couple of hours and passing many, many sheep pastures (??), we arrived in Lindesberg.  The band did some soundchecking, and after that  we went to the  local pizzaplace for some  lunch.  Enjoyed my day out very much, so thanks guys:)
Here´s some Lamia A. backstage action (more pics right HERE):


crookedaff I do love undeground festivals. Lots of bands playing 2-3 days, GREAT performances,  no agelimit and it´s very cheap. Still there´s  almost nobody there. WHY is that??  Summer is generally a bad time for smaller events, I think.  There´s so many  events & festivals all over the place.
Anyway, these kind of festivals are a good way to  find new and interesting bands.
Now, this one was on a sunday, which was the third and last day of the festival. There were some more people on friday and saturday, but not so many as it should have been. The line-up was a good mix  of new and more established bands, it was cheap and the venue…well…quite suitable for this kind of events;).
One of the guys keeping it all together was the Vemoth vocalist Behemiron who also was kind enough to provide me with one of their new band t-shirts. Appreciated it a lot;).
Vemoth were also one of the bands playing earlier at the festival.

There´s a new chance for you in august when the KRIS Festival is hitting Lindesberg. Lots of qualitymetal for 50kr/day.

Some of the bands on last day of Crooked Horns:
» Monochrome Fear
» Brute
» Misericordia