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  • The Lamia Antitheus Experience Pt.2 – Crooked Horns, Lindesberg 10/7 2009

    Last time I saw the Vampyric metalband Lamia Antitheus live was at the Dead Generation festival for a couple a years ago. Back then without Letheus, the original vocalist. They got this female singer instead and I really don´t remember how she sounded like…Anyway, this time there was the full line-up with Letheus (which i used to know as a photographer;)) and all, and they really sounded pretty good.

    Nice guys, nice trip…we can do it again anytime! Next time I want one of those t-shirts!;)





  • Roadtrip to Crooked Horns, Lindesberg 9/7 2009

    crookedaff I do love undeground festivals. Lots of bands playing 2-3 days, GREAT performances,  no agelimit and it´s very cheap. Still there´s  almost nobody there. WHY is that??  Summer is generally a bad time for smaller events, I think.  There´s so many  events & festivals all over the place.
    Anyway, these kind of festivals are a good way to  find new and interesting bands.
    Now, this one was on a sunday, which was the third and last day of the festival. There were some more people on friday and saturday, but not so many as it should have been. The line-up was a good mix  of new and more established bands, it was cheap and the venue…well…quite suitable for this kind of events;).
    One of the guys keeping it all together was the Vemoth vocalist Behemiron who also was kind enough to provide me with one of their new band t-shirts. Appreciated it a lot;).
    Vemoth were also one of the bands playing earlier at the festival.

    There´s a new chance for you in august when the KRIS Festival is hitting Lindesberg. Lots of qualitymetal for 50kr/day.

    Some of the bands on last day of Crooked Horns:
    » Monochrome Fear
    » Brute
    » Misericordia