The Ugly is a band I truly love in this world and I´ve only seen great gigs with these guys. Inky is also one of the most weird and charismatic frontfigures in the country.

A couple of things with them I never forget….the intro that blew me totally away the first time I saw them at Tanto for a couple of years (?) ago and the crazy gig at Anchor when Inky jumped right into the moshpit in the middle of a song and all hell breaks loose…and Sophie, who HAS to be used to any kinds of stuff running a metalclub and all, got out of the place ´til things cooled down a bit. Good times:) Fantastic night all together….

This time, warming up for F.K.Û, they were one guitarist short so the sound wasn´t exactly the same, but still it was so goood!! The new album rules also, btw!!




I love Kafé 44! Especially when it´s a Club Distortion or Luciferian Society event. Everybody´s there and It´s just so NICE!! And in both cases there are always really good bands booked. After Tanto burned down, most of the better things moved to Kafe 44. General Surgery, for instance, will have their yearly Tantogig there:) Too bad I´m not here by then…
Anyway, I took amazingly many whatever pics on das publicum. And some more on the bands and the staff. And the creepy Club Distortion guy…he seemed to be everywhere…


F.K.Û!! Finally!! At last!! Oh, the horror!!! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…(Elizabeth Barrett Browning).  The Horror Metal Moshing Machine celebrated their last album “Where Moshers Dwell” with a party at Kafe 44 together with The Ugly, Club Distortion and lots of fellow moshers.  The crowd almost moshed the hell of me and my camera when I tried to take some pics during the show so I had to stay in the “safe” spots most of the time. Just for to remeber that there are NO safe spots at the venue. Big thanks to my human shields Findus & Peter, who sometimes tried to keep me from being moshed to atoms.
The sing-a-long song of the evening: The Pit and The Poser.




Got the new Sweden Rock Magazine today and there´s an interview with our favouritemoshers F.K.Û. One of the pics from our photoshoot attached!  Buy it  & read!!
Have to fix up some galleries soon…really cool pics if I may say so;)
Releaseparty tomorrow at Kafé 44!! The Ugly is supporting and it will just be GREAT!! Be there!!

One of the BESThardcore bands out there…and they just getting better. Last time I saw them was actually at the first Stagedive (2006) when it all ended up in somewhat chaotic last minute changing of venue and lots of crazy stuff…the new place was a pub so all the kids who wanted to see the bands couldn´t get in because the agelimit. The bands pretty much ended up playing for eachother.