Got shitloads of pics/galleries coming up. Hopefully quite soon. The latest adventures being to the OLD GRAVE FEST in Bucharest and BLACK HARVEST in Stockholm. Also lots of galleries from previous festivals this year and a bunch of gigs. MURDER SQUAD, KING DIAMOND, KILL, ENSNARED, YOB etc etc. When ever i got the time to get it done:) Still, all the newest stuff comes up on my Facebook page first, so check it in!!


OOT, RTMCFest 2014  Bucharest

NIFELHEIM, Black Harvest, Stockholm

The best gig at the festival!! Everyone went crazy and even the photopit was packed by band folks from backstage and a couple of most die hard fans. Truly a show to remember and the new line-up is a killer!!:D Didn´t have that much lights to play with but here´s what ever I managed to getüssy-a-Go-Go


A last minute stage check before opening the gates. The big skulls had to go. [mobile phone. 3 pics slideshow]

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“The Canadian outfit known as Blasphemy was formed in 1984 in Burnaby, BC.. They are known for creating a small sub-genre known as “war metal”. Each member does not go by their real name, but use ‘’ritual’‘-style titles instead. Blasphemy is considered a black metal band, and while the guitar riffs/solos and blast beat drumming certainly fit the black metal mold, the vocals and general instrumentation are more death metal derived, similar to Von or Sarcófago. They are recognized as being one of the first, if not THE first, band to play black metal in Canada, at a time when few metal scenes around the world had even heard of black metal” – LastFM

Line-Up: Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds – Bass  / 3 Black Hearts of Damnation and Impurity – Drums  /  Caller of the Storms  –  Guitars / DeathLörd of Abomination & War Apocalypse –  Guitarsüssy-a-Go-Go

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Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010. They play a hybrid of Death/Thrash/Black metal in the vein of classic bands such as Bathory, Hellhammer, Sarcofago, Tormentor and Masters Hammer.
Didn´t find any clips from Black Harvest, so sharing one from a previous gig in Stockholm and a couple from their demo Ancient Bell Chimes (Fanpage)

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October 2014. Karlstad. Pics for promotion & album “Forensic Nightmares” 2015

Travelled to Karlstad for a shoot with CUT UP. The new band of Tobias and Erik, guys i knew from VOMITORY. A rainy october day in the Karlskogian (?) woods. But Tobias brought a huge thermos with coffee so all good. Got presents also!! CD´s and DVD´s. The pics turned out alright and overall it was a day well spent:)

The debut album will be out in the end of June 2015 (Metal Blade Records) and they are available for bookings!!!

The new band of Tobias Gustafsson and Erik Rundqvist (ex-VOMITORY).
Andreas Björnson
– guitar & vocals | Erik Rundqvist – bass & vocals | Anders Bertilsson – guitar | Tobias Gustafsson – drums

» THE WORKS [Pictures]
» The release party!

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Black metal band born in 2001 from Gainesville, Florida. Their first full-length album, Et In Saecula Saeculorum, was released in 2006 by Ajna Offensive.
Line-up: Nameless Void – Guitar, Vocals / Bestial Devotion – Drums, Backing vocals / D.G. – Bass
Very few pictures…

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“Our music itself vibrates and breathes the very primal draconian Left Hand Force and thus we need no unwilling soul to swear allegiance…It Will Come like swarms of unholy locusts entering the unconscious minds, willing or unwilling.” NEBIROS as guest vocalist this evening!



The former OFERMOD vocalist Nebiros with Håkan (WATAIN). Backstage @ Black Harvest.

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