Photos of WATAIN at Klubben, Stockholm. Dead crows on stage…at some point I try to locate the original pictures and make more and better ones..
Some clips from 2004 by KKKKoskinen (Helsinki) & Syed Imran Towhid (full set from Barcelona, Dissection Rebirth tour)

>>MORE (live clips etc)

Sometime in the spring 2004, me and my friend Erik Tormentor marched out to the deep dark woods.


It was night, full moon, snow and cold and we got with us in a plastic bag an axe and a real human skull Erik had borrowed from some guy. And also some stuff to make a few torches. We thought if somebody stops us and ask what the hell we are doing, we tell that we are on our way to the Convent….


Our mission: to take some pics for the upcoming Deceiver album. And so we did…with a sucky camera at a horses (Gubben) grave somewhere in the darkness. It was really spooky and I was afraid of Blair Witch and wild boars.
The pics appeared on three Deceiver albums. Erik left the band after the first one was released.
End of story…


Later we painted (or Erik did…) a new backdrop for Deceiver…in real blood of course.