carnageIf you didn´t get any christmas gifts (or want some more) you can go and get your copy of  Christmas Carnage vol. 1 .
It´s free for downloading at Indie Recordings MySpace in good CD quality with all the artwork & stuff. The music is good too…Satyricon, Keep of Kalessin, Enslaved etc etc.
This advertisement has NOT been payed by the recordcompany;)) Just liked the idea…and maybe next year we can get the vol II???
I think it´s a cool way to promote the bands on the label.
I´d like to get something like this from Pulverized:)
>>MORE (live clips etc)

Yesterday (wednesday) @ Debaser Medis…
I only got to shoot one song with Opeth. And it wasn´t the longest Opeth song either, so…
But there will eventually be some pics anyway. And Cynic really were THE Cynic…with Reinert and Masvidal from DEATH. How cool is that!? My friend Erik Tormentor educated me as usual when I called him on my way home. I didn´t have a clue… But I really think that The Ocean got more edge and energy on stage.



Klubb Gås-night yesterday…The Ugly & Remasculate had releaseparty and was in real hurry to get from Hovet to Broder Tuck in time for Spazmosity who opened the evening. I arrived in time, took off like 5 layers of clothes (it was freezing cold at Hovet) and left them with Inky who sat with the merch. I bought The Ugly CD and a beer, then I ran out of money…got to get the Remasculate CD later.
I didn´t have to freeze anymore…the basement was like a sauna. Very small stage, no lights what so ever, so I shot everything with the flash.



Hovet yesterday…mostly I sat on a bench “back-backstage” while waiting for the bands. Met Marko, a finnish photographer and journalist. Things didn´t really go his way yesterday:) He stayed for the rest of the Motörheadgig and I ran off for a releaseparty just around the corner.



Met Linda too. She was there to shoot Witchcraft.
We waited and waited to get in…

newNow, It´s like this:
Before I already started to fill up again on the old system. Then I thought I couldn´t really trust the old Coppermine anymore…or anything with a database where absolutely everything crashes if something happens.
So i looked around for a new system and found it. So now on all the different albums/bands will be separated from each other, and if something happens with one album, it never affects anything else. One album at the time is quite easy to restore, so I think it will be great. It will take some time to fix up all albums, though…
This is the second time I´ve got trouble with since the start in 2005, but hopefully the last…at least the last big one.
You can see the progress in Live A-Z (uploaded albums are marked with –) & Bandlist A-Z. I try to get the bloglinks to work first, but I probably will be quite unorganized when uploading the albums:) I´m quite happy to find this new solution, because I´m not any expert in databases & shit…
Oh well…now it´s december and it will soon be Christmas. And The Ugly releaseparty!
Better times…