2 years since the last time I got to see the mighty NOMINON on stage. Even better than I remembered!! So fukken good!!! The merch looks good too!!;))

Line up:
Juha Sulasalmi Bass (2011-present) Perra Karlsson Drums (2002-present) Christian Strömblad Guitars (2005-2010, 2011-present) Henke Skoog Vocals (2010-present) Alexander Lyrbo Guitars (2011-present)

» http://www.nominon.com
» http://www.facebook.com/nominon666

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So late with stuff right now. That´s the way it goes sometimes. Patience is a virtue you know;) However, many of these pics have been uploaded on the extreMMetal.se Facebook page for a long time ago.

Anyway, I love CRUCIFYRE!! Great liveband and the stuff I´ve heard from the upcoming album sounds really really good!!!:)


Directly from the Sweden Rock Cruise to Nalen Klubb an to another great Püssy a Go Go event. Got some time to hang out with the bands and the Püssy staff. SORDID FLESH kinda blew me away already at the soundcheck and the actual gig later in the evening was brilliant! One more new band (for me) to add on the “must see again” list.


Survived one more cruise:) I hate the Fin-Swe boats in general but I love the metalcruises. Thanks to the good people @ Sweden Rock Magazine for always having me: And feeding me. And giving me something to drink:) Anyway, some pics to begin with. Mostly on people I know, love & admire. Some random fun people made it also in the gallery. All the live pics will be uploaded later.

Some pics on my FB page if you want to tag yourself;)

The bands and the running order:

Thursday 29/3:
21:30 Krux
22:45 Blind Guardian
00:45 Marduk
02:00 Sodom

Friday 30/3:
12:45 Enforcer
14:00 Nocturnal Rites
15:30 H.E.A.T

Never been that familiar with this band but it was great FUN! I really liked the show and wouldn´t mind to see them again. They started up in the early 90´s and the current line-up is as follows: Jonny Lindkvist, Fredrik Mannberg, Nils Eriksson, Owe Lingvall & Christoffer Rörland


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Loved the ENFORCER show!! And I´m going to see them at least once more this year at Muskelrock! Can´t wait for that one in general. Will be a great weekend with friends and lots of really cool bands!:)
Current line-up (E.M.): Olof “Enforcer” Wikstrand Guitars, Vocals. Jonas Wikstrand Drums (2006-present), Joseph Tholl Guitars, Tobias Lindqvist Bass


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