I´d only seen BT live once before…at the Close Up Festival in Stockholm back in 2006. They´re as great as ever!!:)) Scroll down for an epic clip by JK77Video.
I saw my friend Afe from the Malaysian band HUMILIATION in the front row. As it happened, Karl was wearing a HUMILIATION t-shirt on stage:))



Afe (HUMILIATION) & Co. in the front row
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wiki: Vallenfyre are a British extreme metal supergroup founded as a side project by Paradise Lost’s chief songwriter and lead guitarist Gregor Mackintosh.  Mackintosh created the band incidentally after the death of his father John Robert, who died of lung cancer on 2 December 2009

Line up: Gregor Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) – Vocals and Lead Guitar, Hamish Glencross (My Dying Bride) – Rhythm and Lead Guitars. Mully – Rhythm Guitars, Scoot (Doom, Extinction of Mankind) – Bass, Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, Paradise Lost) – Drums


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“Raised through goetic invocations in late 2001 by guitarist/vocalist Mors Dalos Ra and soon famous for delivering some of the most dark and epic Death/ Doom Metal ever.”
line up: Black Shepherd ov Doom – Bass, Raelin Iakhu – Drums, The Evil Reverend N. – Guitars, Mors Dalos Ra Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards

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Backdating as usual, so it´s actually already October;) Needed to hurry up with these because the next IN SOLITUDE gig is tomorrow on the Sweden Rock Cruise. And I´m only going to shoot the drummer, Uno;) At least there´s a good chance to get some decent drummer pics on that stage, so I´m going to do my best. Great gig at PSOA, of course!

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DEAD CONGREGATION from Athens, Greece were the first band out on the 2012 edition of Party.San.  Great start for the festival  this afternoon – beer, food, metal and sunshine:))
Line up: A. V. Guitars (lead), Vocals, V. V. Drums, T. K. Guitars (rhythm), George Skullkos. Bass