• man.machine.industry @ Tantogården 4/10 2008

    Yesterday evening I went to Tanto to see M.M.I as a trio for a first time. I missed the premiere at Anchor gig but I heard that they were doing great. As they did yesterday…shame on you lazy asses who sat at home instead and watched the gig on the net;) I kinda miss a bit the complete insanity Bergman used to wind up himself to…now he got handle the guitar, so he can´t really flip out as he used to. Still, they are really cool even when slimmed down a bit.

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  • Lingua – Tantogården 4/10 2008

    I´ve heard some good stuff about Lingua for a long time, but this was the first time ever I saw them live…and OMG what a gig!!
    They totally blew me away because I really didn´t know what to expect and they were really great!! Very dark and heavy and beautiful. I always like the drummers because they are the ones holding the shit together and this one (didn´t find his name…) really did a great work!! Still, drummers are the hardest ones to get any good pics of because they too often are in complete darkness…the same thing with the guy who happens to stand to the left on the stage at Tanto. The left corner ALWAYS lies in the dark!! Don´t stand there!!;) Keep to the middle and to the right!! So now you know…

    A bit easier to take pictures than on M.M.I. I think there were not so much more of the lights, but they were…different?? Well, you never really know at the clubs how the pics turn out anyway…;))
    Now I´m in the Lingua fanclub!! (Or will be as soon as I find one;)
    And as soon as possible I will check out their other project Come Sleep


  • Photoshoot: Valley of The Dead – September 2008

    The guys from Valley of The Dead, formerly known as Gus of Sweden, came to Stockholm and the studio today. Check the line-up: Gus – vocals (Defleshed), Ron – bass (Enemy Is Us, 21st Impact), Pete – guitar (FKÜ, Lost Souls), Lars – guitar (Defleshed), EB – drums (Deviant).Don´t miss them live the 7th of November at Club Distortion@Tantogården!! And it´s just getting better: Facebreaker and Vicious Art are the other 2 bands that evening!!!! 5 hours and a couple of hundred pics… I´ll start to sort them out tomorrow (today, really). Now it´s wayyyyyy past my bedtime. I think there are some good stuff, tho…

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    » Photos [The Works]

    Ronnie Nyman Bass
    See also: Nightrage, ex-Enemy Is Us, Always War, ex-Detained, ex-Forcefeed
    EB Drums
    See also: Deviant, Always War, ex-S:t Erik, ex-Inception
    Peter Lans Guitars
    See also: F.K.Ü., ex-Cardiac Arrest, ex-Inrage, ex-Lost Souls, ex-Lou Siffer & the Howling Demons (live)
    Lars Löfven Guitars
    See also: Defleshed, ex-Sportlov, ex-The Moaning (live), ex-Convulsion, ex-Morteferum, ex-The Duskfall (live)
    Gustaf Jorde Vocals
    See also: Defleshed, ex-Evocation, ex-Crematorium, ex-Raubtier

  • Desultory – Tantogården 26/9 2008

    I´m taking a break from the promos and fixing up the rest of the livephotos from friday night at Tanto. Here´s the biggest deal of the evening: the re-united DESULTORY. I didn´t see the ending of the show, but there will hopefully soon be a new chance to see them in Stockholm! Have to wait for the official announcement first.


  • Caliber 666 @ Tantogården 26/9 2008

    The reunion of one of the 90´s deathbands, DESULTORY! Also great performances of CALIBER 666 and GODPHOBIA.  CALIBER 666 were hosting the whole thing, so I better start up with them…
    The other pics will be up soon enough, but now I´m off to shoot a band;)
    [Later edit: Live clips from a gig in Södertälje about a year later]


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  • Valkyrja + SpearHead + Vörgus + Impiety – Tanto 24/9 2008

    Yesterday at Tantogården… (Thanks Adrian for inviting me!;)
    Vörgus I already knew, but the rest of the bands were new acquaintances. I think most of the pics are in the albums now…


    First concert for me for a while, but now there will be quite a lot of them. I have to buy me that headlamp I planned…

  • Fun with Sonic Syndicate – Bengans etc 21/9 2008

    Sonic Syndicate are in town…yesterday they were at Harry B. James, today they had a signingsession@Bengans in Stockholm and after that we went to Pizza Hut. Except Roger who took the train to Leksand. Next saturday (?) Sonic start touring with In Flames and will be on the road for 5 weeks.
    Me and my new flash aren´t really friends yet…I´ll take on the manual any day now…
    I really don´t like Harry B. for several reasons, but I will go back there soon enough. Some bands I like to see/hear will be there the 28:th. The good news are that Club Distortion are coming up with some really good stuff!!  So I´m going to be quite a lot at Tantogården & the Anchor. Hope I´ll soon come to terms with the flash. I´m going to need it at the Anchorgigs;)

  • No Distortion

    Wanted to see Sanctrum & Feared yesterday at Club Distortion, but there´s a busdriverstrike going on in Stockholm, so I couldn´t go. I need the nightbus to get home.
    So, no fun for me:( Hope you guys had a good time.