I think all of the blogpics are replaced now! Older blogs went out of pics when I moved all extreMMetal galleries, but they´re all back now…I think:)
But not necessary the same pics they used to be…I forgot which ones I had posted before:))

Fridaynight photoshoot with Erik from Maze of Torment and Kola, an actor and a really cool guy:) We worked on the cover for the forthcoming MoT album and I think It went really well. I can´t show you the pics now. I have to wait ´till  the album is out. No spoilers here:)) Still, I took some cool pics which got nothing to do with the albumcover…:

Finally I have tried out the new studio!! My friends in Decadence were kind enough to be my guinea pigs=) It´s gonna take som time to fully understand how everything works with the flashes and other gadgets, but I think we did quite well=)))
So, if you need some studiopics, ask me!!

Thanks guys for making my day. It was really fun=))))
See you //Soile

One of the few liveshows I´ve been to lately…
Crucified Souls, Blowsight & Decadence played at Ekens Gård, Haninge.We had a very nice time:) So good to see you all!!And Hi to Kitty´s parents=))) Really nice to meet you!
No lights on the stage, though…so PS rules!!



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