From the band bio: “Quite simply, Bloodbath was born out of this shared admiration for quality death metal in the old style & the guys quickly realized that they could churn some ugly metal out to a pretty high standard.”

Old Nick – Vocals Blakkheim – Guitar Joakim – Guitar Lord Seth – Bass Axe – Drums
Close-Up Båten 24

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“Horisont have both the name and the know-how to blow minds and disperse life’s oppressive clouds. They are real rock’n’roll incarnate: an exhilarating blast of sonic euphoria, custom built to raise spirits and quicken the pulse of any right-thinking rock or metal fan.”

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nyboatposter_oktSome of the heaviest guys you will ever see on a stage! Pure awesomeness with Jörgen, Lord K and Tobben. Guests: Tobbe Sillman (GENERAL SURGERY) guitar on “Eld och plågor” and also Sonny (Close-Up Magazine) guest vocals on “Håll käften”.


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