I´ve wanted to see COFFINS for I don´t know how long!!
I had already decided to go and see some other bands this evening but when I saw that COFFINS had a gig at the Death Fest, I changed the plans, mailed the band & organizer if I could come over and take some photos.
Everything worked out fine and later on the band asked me also to take some promo pics (which will follow shortly). Of course I agreed:)
Had a great time with the guys and the gig was SICK!!:)) Total mayhem in a really small venue (Koiwa Bush Bash). Loved it!! Real brutal underground! The line up has changed some and right now it´s a 4 piece. Bungo Uchino on guitar, Koreeda on bass, the used-to-be drummer Ryo in vocals and the new guy Satoshi on drums. Got some cd:s and a t-shirt as a present and I even bought the first album on vinyl and got it signed. The photos are…ehmm…also real underground;))


Some links:

A pic from the photo session:

>>MORE (live clips etc)

My first extreme metal festival in Japan!! There were quite a many interesting gigs this evening in Tokyo, and I´d already more or less decided to go and see Takeuchi Toshiro in GENOCIDE NIPPON at Rockmaykan (Meguro Rokumeikan) and also meet up with some friends. Why I ended up in Koiwa instead, was because COFFINS were playing at Koiwa Bush Bash!! Anyway, saw a few more bands, met some really nice people and had a great time! Missed the Malaysian band HUMILIATION because I had to leave after the COFFINS gig. I promised to go to Asakusa Extreme (another underground metal festival) the following tuesday to see them and some others I met…but that didn´t work out either. So…now I have to go to Kuala Lumpur! Syaari (guitars in HUMILIATION) hates me forever and he promised to poison my brownies when I come over (yepp, the guy has a bakery in KL;))
Have to thank Yutaka (Bloodbath Records and organizer of Koiwa Death Fest) and of course COFFINS so much for having me as a guest at this event!! We´ll meet again, I´m sure:) Got also some misc. pics HERE.

»Koiwa Death Fest
»Bloodbath Records
»Koiwa Bush Bash

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