And so it happened that COFFINS had a small gig outdoors the day after I arrived to Tokyo. So I went there, of course. Probably the last time ever I could see the band with Ryo (vocals), because he´s quitting the band after the Japan tour with NOOTHGRUSH first days in November. Pretty sad I think, but hopefully he can take his other band GUEVNNA on the European roads next year. (Saw them also on this trip (pics HERE) and they´re really good!)
Anyway, enjoyed the day out in Tama Center (the home of HELLO KITTY!;)) and went for some decent kaiten zushi with the guys before leaving the suburbs.


And the other stuff….:))


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COFFINS from Tokyo showed some Japanese awesomeness!! The latest album “The Fleshland” is the best they ever made so go & get it. Was supposed to get my copy (my bandphoto in it and I haven´t even seen it yet! Only heard it on Spotify:))) while they were in Europe but “unfortunately” they sold it out along with most of the merch they brought. Getting it soon, tho:)



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No sleep ´til HELLsinki.


Wasn´t that sure if I was going to make it to Finland at all, but after the gig in Stockholm friday night, I stayed in the city, jumped on the first bus to the airport in the morning (3.45AM. Gaahhh) and just took off. Slept a few hours at my brother´s house and went to the club quite early. We had a few beers and waited for the Japanese guys to show up.


It was really happy to meet them again (ohh Ryooooo!!!) so the trip was worth all the pain and misery;) The gig was GREAT!! The crowd didn´t want to let them off the stage so after many extra songs they also played a couple of brand new ones from the upcoming album. The PRKL Club stage was small and very dark (I always say that? But it´s always true.), I didn´t bring my flash and I only stayed at one side of the stage. I also got some crappy vids and realized once more that it´s not a great idea to stay too close to the speakers when filming. Still I love the clips:)


Many thanks to the nice staff at PRKL Club and to my brother Jarmo and his gf Niina for having me!!
Hope it´s not going to take some 20 years again…;) Hoping to catch up with COFFINS in Tokyo later this year and heard there´s already plans for gathering some great bands in october:D


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I´ve wanted to see COFFINS for I don´t know how long!!
I had already decided to go and see some other bands this evening but when I saw that COFFINS had a gig at the Death Fest, I changed the plans, mailed the band & organizer if I could come over and take some photos.
Everything worked out fine and later on the band asked me also to take some promo pics (which will follow shortly). Of course I agreed:)
Had a great time with the guys and the gig was SICK!!:)) Total mayhem in a really small venue (Koiwa Bush Bash). Loved it!! Real brutal underground! The line up has changed some and right now it´s a 4 piece. Bungo Uchino on guitar, Koreeda on bass, the used-to-be drummer Ryo in vocals and the new guy Satoshi on drums. Got some cd:s and a t-shirt as a present and I even bought the first album on vinyl and got it signed. The photos are…ehmm…also real underground;))


Some links:

A pic from the photo session:

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image_coffinslogoCOFFINS promo/album shoot for The Fleshland (2013) in Koiwa, Tokyo November 2011. Just a quick shoot in a rehearsal studio cross the street from Koiwa Bush Bash, the venue for “Koiwa Deathfest” where the band played later the same day. The vinyl version doesn´t contain any photos but the CD does. Uchino sent me both anyways:) Great album!



Ryo Yamada –  Tak Koreeda – Bungo Uchino – Satoshi Hikida