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  • Just some Crafton stuff…

    Karin (Sonic Syndicate) told me for awhile ago that she will be on the cover of the new Crafton catalog with her Ibanezbass.  Some photo I took when they played in Stockholm last time. I got the catalog in the mail the other day and found one of my livepics on Roger (guitar) also:)  All in good company of a couple of photos taken by my friends Daniel “Framed Noice” Falk and Micke J.  Quite ugly photoshopwork  with the cover, though…but who cares:)


  • Valentine…

    oz1oz_backGot a Valentine´s day present today from a couple of old friends…a couple of days late but still.
    The former Oz drummer & his wife sent me an original 80´s  t-shirt (…or early 90´s…Roll The Dice album is from -91.  They found a few in their basement for a while ago. Think these were the last ones they made before the band went down all together…so they never sold any of them.  Got a nice card, too…with a nice  picture of Edward Persson;)  The t-shirt is way too big to wear, but I can always use it as a sleepingbag or something:)