A totally mindblowing gig in Stockholm and Nergal´s triumphant return to a Swedish stages after being ill.
The fans (including me:)) were really happy to see him back, powerful and awesome. Amazing, spectacular show with more of…everything I´ve ever seen or felt on a BEHEMOTH concert. I shot the first songs in the photopit, but most of it I enjoyed from the VIP balcony together with the beer drinking, headbanging Swedish metal elite (guys from NECROPHOBIC, DESULTORY, ENTOMBED etc.

And of course you can never avoid the staff from the Close Up Magazine;)) Had a great view and the sounda were just perfect and for me it felt like the Grande Finale. And “Lucifer” was magnificent! Aarrrghhh!!



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Corpsegrinder and his band rules!! Wish they hadn´t played as the last band at Münchenbryggeriet…I really love to see them live,  but after the ultra spectacular BEHEMOTH gig, I had a really hard time to get myself into the right feeling. I even left before the show was over, and I never ever have done  that on a CANNIBAL CORPSE gig.  But they will come back, I´m sure:)


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Great party at Münchenbryggeriet!!  SUICIDAL ANGELS played second. One of the best thrash bands out there!!
(Thanks Flo @ Rock The Nation!!:))
“Suicidal Angels were formed in 2001, and after many line up changes the band’s members now are: Nick: Vocals / Guitar. Panos: Guitar, Angel: Bass, Orfeas: Drums”




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NEXUS INFERIS from Wales got the first slot. Really early (about 5.30PM?) so not that big crowd yet. Everything started even a half an hour earlier than it said on the web, so they got kinda bad odds. Lots of people didn´t even know there were actually five bands playing. New band to me and didn´t know one song, but still, it was a good start for the evening:)

Line up (Encyclopaedia Metallum)
Chris Clarke – Bass / Lyn Jeffs – Drums / O.S.Entity – Guitars (lead) / Veracity – Vocals


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By now everybody probably knows what WATAIN means to me. I´ve seen them in different countries, on bigger and smaller stages and the experience is always the same. Pure awesomeness and magic, both visually and emotionally. There are many great bands who make great music and totally rule on stage. And there´s WATAIN. Always high above everything else. Simple as that. Lots of respect.
Anyway, I couldn´t stay near the stage after the 3 first songs because the filmcrew (eventually there will be a DVD!) were all over the place. So the rest of the pics are from the balcony. Cool to get some pics of the whole stage and the crowd, but it was a bit too far from the heat & the stench;))

Wolf Wear (official WATAIN merch.)

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Great bands on the bill this evening!! MALIGN first on stage and I have to admit that I didn´t have a clue about the line-up. I knew about MALIGN, of course, but didn´t do my homework when it came to the guys playing in the band.  Just that I thought there was something so familiar about the vocalist…haha:) Felt a bit stupid when I found out who it was:)   Anyway a really cool gig!


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Hamnade för fösta gången i mitt liv på en tatueringsmässa…undrade lite var alla mina tatuerade vänner & bekanta höll hus för jag träffade bara ett par stycken. Fast det var ju fredag och metalfolk är alltid sena att dyka upp på ställen;) Dan efter hade typ alla varit där…Lite synd att jag missade resten av det hela, men skulle dit eg. för att dokumentera inspelningen av OZ kommande musikvideo. Eller första lilla delen av den…det ska bli fler omgångar framöver. Regissören Amir C. har just nu fullt upp att färdigställa sin film om Cornelis V. så antar att den har högst prio just nu. OZ nya platta ska i varje fall vara klar & ute i november.