Candlemass-Ancient-DreamsCANDLEMASS third album “Ancient Dreams” turned 25 and I went to the b-day bash at Medis. With my mom, who came to town for the holidays. She was a bit anxious before the show, but enjoyed the whole thing a lot and also bought herself some merch. She also got to meet some of my awesome friends:)

The show was great!! Their earlier plans to have the whole thing filmed, didn´t work out and some other things didn´t go as planned but shit happens and it still was awesome!! The always so impressive Jörgen Sandström (Grave,Entombed,The Project Hate,Torture Division etc. Looking stunning in his new shirt!!;)) got on stage with very short notice and also the great Pepper Potemkin ( Blackbird Burlesque Cabaret / The Catastrophe Orchestra) appeared during “Solitude” in the end of the show. Dunno about that Torsten Flink guy, tho:) Great thanks to the CANDLEMASS guys for this awesome night!

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It´s been almost a year since the last time I saw the legendary HELL. This time they only got some 30 minutes on stage but they made the most of it as expected. A short but awesome show!! They also got some time to hang out with me:) The new album is KILLER and on the top of my Best of 2013 list! Can´t wait to see them on a headline tour!! Or at some cool festivals next summer

Btw…about a million pics from the Derby show last winter is coming up shortly!! Haven´t published any of them yet.
Get the CD/DVD! Many of my photos in the DVD booklet;))

Line up: David Bower – Vocals / Kev Bower – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals / Andy Sneap – Guitar / Tony Speakman – Bass / Tim Bowler – Drums


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From band bio: “True to their roots, this powerful trio who performs a headstrong metal with roots deep in the impenetrable mire of the stoner/doom/sludge tradition nuansed with streaks of progressive rock, post metal and psychadelica.”
Mighty COLOSSUS @ Kulturhuset, Studion. It was great to see them live for the first time. Really good show and a great start for the evening!
Line up: Niklas Eriksson – Guitar & Vocals / Peter Berg – Bass / Thomas Norstedt – Drums


spotify Two extraordinary nights at Püssy A Go Go. Douglas P. live was a great experience. I never knew that much about him or Death In June, but did my homework when I heard he was stopping at the club the last days on tour.
Lots of controversy. And lots of recordings:) Brilliant stuff! Kinda hooked now. In Solitude guys were DJ´ing.

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Before and after

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Untitled-1Oh wow. I love this band! Oranssi rules!!
I got the t-shirt in the pic as a gift from the band. I´m very proud to own it!
“Oranssi Pazuzu was formed in 2007 by Jun-His (vocals, guitar), Korjak (drums), Ontto (bass guitar), Evill (synthesizers, organ, effects) and Moit (guitar). Oranssi (Orange) in the band’s name refers to cosmic energy and the color of the first light rays in the Big Bang, while Pazuzu is a mythic demon of the wind,”
Line up: Jun-His: the voice, close distance guitar / Moit: deep space guitar / Korjak: drums / Evill: synthesizers, organ, effects / Ontto: bass guitar




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[Edit 20131028: short bio added]
And now to something completely different. Or not really…Can´t really describe, but he is something else. Hope he will get back some day. With a band!:)
About iodine Jupiter: “Swedish goth/blackmetal poet, magician, singer and artist. iodine has recorded The little girl zombie (Lilla flickan Zombie) as Dr. Death in the magical freakshow. He is known for talk `n´roll, drama and actions. Other descriptions of his work is litterary heavymetal. Especially from the book The Pornography of the dead  (Dom dödas pornografi).”

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I had two bands of interest at this years Loud Park festival and the first one, KING DIAMOND, got cancelled  The second band of interest, ENFORCER, were great, tho!!! Awesome performance infront of a huge cheering crowd. They also got great reviews and response after the gig. Really happy for them! Well deserved!:))
Thanks to Akira (Spiritual Beast) who again took care of my passes!